Promoting a cat on social media

In order to further promote your foster, you can reach out to your Foster Coordinator or who will help you coordinate with our Social Media team. If your foster is ready for adoption, at this point they should have also have an adoption listing which can be submitted here (please refer to Writing cat bio/description for tips). An effective social media post should include:

  • Backstory – how did the cat come to be a Project Meow cat? Did this cat go through a significant “glow up”? Did the cat have any serious injuries/illness that Project Meow helped them overcome?
  • Age and sex
  • Personality traits – you can consider copy and pasting the PetFiner biography and adding any other information that you know. Make sure to let them know all of the great qualities about the cat.
  • Photos – Good quality photos of the cat in foster care should be sent. These can also be the PetFinder photos. Photos from before are also good if the cat was in particularly bad shape so we can show a Before and After.
  • Videos – any videos of the cat being playful, snuggly, cute, or quirky would attract potential foster/adopters. **Videos should be in mp4 format (you can convert MOV files to mp4 files at
  • Important medical info – FIV+, special diet, etc.
  • Cat/kid/dog friendly?
  • Anything else that seems important or could improve the cat’s chances of getting adopted

Regularly promoting your foster with new photos/videos/anecdotes (at LEAST every two to three months) is a great way to find an adopter. A fresh listing can often catch someone’s eye and increase adoption interest.

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