Fundraising for a cat

Foster cats sometimes come to Project MEOW with medical needs above and beyond that of routine vetting. These health issues may require dental work, surgery, etc. In these cases, we will need to do fundraising as a way to support their additional care. In order to do so, your Foster Coordinator will help connect you with our Social Media Team to create a post sharing your foster‘s story. For the most effective fundraiser the post should include:

  • Backstory – how did the cat come to be a Project Meow cat?
  • Details about the medical issues and surgery – people want to know where their money is going. For example, for a dental surgery, be specific about what the surgery will cover (“a cleaning and extractions of 2 teeth because of resorptive lesions”).
  • Personality traits – give a bit of info on the cat. Is the cat super sweet even though its in pain? Is the cat playful and friendly but needs a dental in order to be ready for a forever home? Is the cat still shy but we’re working on socializing it?
  • The amount that the fundraiser needs to cover
  • Photos – Good quality photos of the cat should be sent. Include photos of the injury if necessary.
  • Whether the cat will be up for adoption once the surgery is completed.

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