Project MEOW is an all-volunteer non-profit made up of hundreds of volunteers. We could not do what we do without all of our dedicated administrative staff, trappers, and recovery and foster caretakers, etc. Below is a small representation of our wonderful team.

Tracy B

Executive Director

Chuck B

Chief Financial Officer

Margie P

Volunteer Coordinator

Margie H

Records Keeper

Allison T

Adoptions Coordinator Manager

Vinita D

Adoptions Processor/Interviewer

Emily B

Clinic Coordinator/Adoptions Interviewer/Foster Coordinator

Dotty D

Foster Apps Processsor

Nicole B

Adoptions Interviewer/Microchip Coordinator

Noelle K

Microchip Coordinator

Terry J

Recovery Space Coordinator

Linda L

Recovery Space Assistant/Trapper

Pam H

Transport Coordinator

Max vW

IT/Fundraising Coordinator

Marianne H

Fundraising Coordinator/Social Media

Kat R

Social Media

Renee S

Social Media

Anh T


Board of Directors:

Tracy B. Michelle R, Max vW, Pam H, Joseph S

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